My first blog!

I think I made a blog website… this is how you do it, right?


Well, to anyone reading this… I dunno what the chances were that you stumbled upon this, but I hope you’re doin’ awesome.

I think I’ll use this post here to introduce myself and stuff.


My name is The Wind is Blowing (you can call me wind, twib, weird dude, etc. – I’m not picky), a 24 y/o man with a dream: to make people laugh, cry, and shit their pants occasionally. In other words, to make them feel things by just being my goofy self. That’s the ideal goal anyway, with whatever I make. But at the end of the day, I just want to create and share things that I would love to see made in the world. And maybe someone out there will get a kick out of that, too.


This website is where I’ll post updates/blog posts on my work, sharing thoughts of the creative process and whatever things might be on my mind. If you’re a (future) fan of my (future) work or just want to see what I’m up to, this is the place to be.


I’m writing this with hope that within the next couple of years I can make my mark in the world somehow, in my own way. And if you’re reading this, I think you can too. I believe anyone can when they find & believe in their niche and commit to doing something they love, out of love. In the case I find any success in my creative endeavors, I want this to be a place where people can look back here and see that, like anyone aspiring to find greatness within themselves, I started out as a bumbling kid lost in the forest, too.


Regardless of what comes of it, I urge you to join me in finding the courage to do what it is our hearts are telling us to do. Life is too short to only do what society expects us to do. So dare to do the unexpected!


May the winds of fortune be at our backs!


-The Wind is Blowing